Tuesday, April 8, 2008


UmkhathiTheatre Works is a Drama and Dance troupe formed in 1997, in Bulawayo; Zimbabwe. The troupe is resident at Salukazi Performing Arts Centre in Njube. Over the years the Umkhathi Theatre Works has emerged as one of the best theatre organisations in Zimbabwe.

The troupe has performed within the African region and as far as Aberdeen in Scot
land. Our mission is to strive for community development through the arts at the same time reviving African cultures and traditions.

Our tenth anniversary in the year 2007 was a period to take stock of our strides along the theatre avenue. A big thanks goes to the NGOs and other such organisation that we have worked with and hopefully shall continue to work with. Over the years we have partnered with the Switzerland Arts Council, Pro-Helvetia. We openly invite even more organisations and individuals to work with us.

Workshops and Programs

Umkhathi Theatre Works has actively participated and hosted workshops such as the Cultural Link which was an initiative to unify Dance groups within the Southern African region.
it is our mandate to work with disadvantaged communities as that became visible when we drilled the former street children in Mutare on theatre skills. Moreover as part of the social responsibility policy, the troupe has liaised with Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) such as Matabeleland AIDS Council (MAC) in the fight against HIV/AIDS.In the year 2002, we won an award courtesy of MAC as the best group in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Traditional and Contemporary Dance
The troupe specialises in African traditional dances.These include Muchongoyo which is historical a Shangani Dance. Setapa a Batswana Dance and Isitshikitsha which is a Ndebele Dance; to state but a few.